Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Scrap Book

Here are a few tracks of mine/ours that I doubt will ever come out.

This one is disjointed/weird - a messed up structure, confusing in many ways, and for no good reason really. It's fun if nothing else

Joe and Will Ask? - Patched Bleep Melody


This one didn't quite make the mark in my opinion, and since I accidentally deleted the project file, it won't ever get any better. Maybe you like it more than us?

Joe and Will Ask? - B


And here, an old(ish) number of ours. We love playing it in our live set, but no-one really seems so fussed about it - maybe we should take the hint? Anyway, it's a kind of melodic synthy number with comically minimal beats and slap-dash production but for some reason the chords work nicely to me

Joe and Will Ask? - 9 @ 130


Monday, 21 April 2008

Some free music

Here are some download links to 320kbps mp3s of three unofficial remixes we have done, two very new, one not so.

The first one, I managed to get the accapella of "Techno Vocals," and worked it into a track that I am currently making. Annoyingly, the track sounds much better with the vocals than with the synthy alternative. It is a hard, techno club track, with a tongue in cheek feel.

Marc Houle - Techno Vocals (Joe and Will Ask? unofficial bootleg)


Next I bring you our unofficial remake of "Do Not Break" off Ellen Allien & Apparat's "Orchestra of Bubbles." It was one of those tracks where I love certain elements of it, so I basically just made a bass-line trancey techno remake using the hook alone (and one tiny sample).

Ellen Allien & Apparat - Do Not Break (Joe and Will Ask? unofficial remix)


And now something a bit older. Maybe 4 months ago (but don't quote me on that) I decided it would be nice to do a remake of Air War by the Crystal Castles to play out. It seems to have got good reactions all round, but the track never really amounted to much. We weren't so familiar with the blogging world then, and apart from plays by the Lovely Jonjo, it kind of fizzled into nothing. It is a distorted, slow, rolling but hard yet happy cover, you might like it, you might not.

Crystal Castles - Air War (Joe and Will Ask? remix)


Last but not least, out label (Gulp Communications)'s boss Andrew Friendly's band Milke covered the Frankie Knuckles classic "Your Love." We did the remix, (on the B-side of the 12" which has just come out) and we are giving the .mp3 away. The condition is that you put your e-mail in for the mailing list. It's a hands-in-the-air, electro remix, with growly bass and a big old bleepy breakdown


Techno Mix, April 2008

OK, so first post. I don't really feel like an introduction is worthwhile, so I might as well post something enjoyable!

Here is a mix. If you want a genre, I would say "techno," it is quite a hard dancefloor mix consisting of a few songs which have really excited me over the past month or so. I have tried to balance the monotonous with the melodic, the long with the short, the hard with the moody, all in 10 tracks - no easy task! Anyway, here it is, if the link uses up all it's downloads, I will get it hosted properly.


1: Ellen Allien - Do Not Break (Joe and Will Ask cover)
2: Cle - Nomads (Mattias Tanzmann remix)
3: Par Grindvik - Akustic
4: John Acquaviva & Olivier Giacomotto - Sofa King (Marc Mendes remix)
5: Joseph Capriati & Matteo Spedicati - Candy Sucker
6: Paul Ritch - Nordbahnhoff
7: Mathew Johnson - Symphony for the Apocalypse
8: Keiren Hebden & Steve Reid - People Be Happy (Audion's Highlight Mix)
9: Style of the Eye - The Prophet
10: Joe and Will Ask? - Bleeps